This traditional hike across the Baja peninsula begins at Playa Altamira on the Pacific coast, ending in Bahía de Los Ángeles on the Sea of Cortez. This event is held every year, usually in the month of November.

This 3 day hike is about 110 kilometers long. Truly a mental and physical challenge, a unique experience with Baja's amazing natural settings.

Like organizer Salvador León once said:" Adventure is the spirit of this event: it's not a competition, it's an activity where all win". Encounter amazing settings like the San Borja Mission, one of the best preserved Missionary sites in Baja, the great Baja Central Dessert, cave paintings of Montevideo, as well as the valleys and incomparable views.

Learn more about this event:
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Tour operators that can take you there:

1.- Vámonos de Camping / Sr. Raúl Arguello
2.- Baja Travesies Tijuana