Ruta Del Vino


Hospedarse en la Ruta del Vino es una experiencia que combina la tranquilidad y la armonía, rodeado de viñedos y hermosos paisajes naturales que al despertar te hacen sentir estar en un mágico y agradable lugar en medio del Valle de Guadalupe. Cada lugar tiene algo que lo hace único y especial.
21 May, 2012

Mexico Travel: A Super-Foodie’s Tijuana Tour

Food & Wine Baja Mexico Travel: A Super-Foodie's Tijuana Tour
When Los Angeles’s best chefs need a jolt of inspiration, they make a run for Tijuana. Writer Damien Cave gets a private tour of the city’s wild, wonderful food scene, from taco stands to innovative restaurants.

10 December, 2013

Brewing Across the Border: Craft Beer in Baja California Baja California might be best known for its beachside fish tacos and off-road racing, but in the last three years, the northwestern Mexican state has seriously upped its craft beer game, defining itself as the country’s largest contingent for “cerveza artesanal.”
31 January, 2014

Mexico’s exciting new wine trail: Valle de Guadalupe Some call Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe, in Baja California, the new Napa – but a tour of its wineries, hotels and restaurants shows that it is very much its own place.
10 May, 2014

Agua Mala Ensenada and the Baja Craft Beer Boom The Baja Mexico craft beer movement has exploded since 2010. Influenced by the beer capital of San Diego to the north, brewers are producing exciting Baja beers incorporating the flavors of Mexico.
11 July, 2014

CROSSING SOUTH: Baja Craft Beer Tour San Diego is known as a craft beer capital, but Tijuana, Mexico is catching on. In this episode, Host Jorge Meraz scopes out the local businesses, beer bloggers, and home brewers.
22 November, 2014

Baja’s wine country is crushing it Travel and wine writers may have crowned this burgeoning wine region “The Next Napa,” but that title is too easy and too wrong.
25 May, 2015

This Mall of Nightclubs in Tijuana Is Being Taken Over by Craft Beer Tijuana’s burgeoning craft beer scene is notoriously hard to access. The city's breweries — most of which have opened in the last three years — make their beer using small homebrew setups in backyards or clandestine spaces.
18 February, 2016

Mexico: Go deep inside Tijuana’s art and food scene on this museum tour

-Los Angeles Times. It's no secret that the Mexican border area around Tijuana is in the midst of a cultural renaissance -- and one museum makes it easy to take it all in.
7 March, 2016

The ‘Next Napa’: Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe wines are ripe for success

-Los Angeles Times. The 'Next Napa': Baja's Valle de Guadalupe wines are ripe for success
12 March, 2016

A burgeoning wine country in Baja California The region has far more wineries than we had time to visit, and it seems to be adding more every day. Those must remain to be discovered later, when the flavors, sights and ambiance draw us back to Baja.
16 March, 2016

Tijuana Gets a 21st-Century Speakeasy Nortico hopes to transform the city’s craft cocktail scene
15 April, 2016

Tijuana’s medical tourism gets a facelift enticing more Americans in for cheap luxury surgery Shedding its American-teen Spring Break reputation, the famed low-cost medical treatment industry is classing up.
5 May, 2016

Tracing Baja California’s evolution, one bottle of wine at a time The turnaround point in Valle de Guadalupe’s advertised “Ruta del Vino,” or “Wine Route,” lies about 25 minutes east of the coastal highway that leads north to Tijuana.
18 May, 2016

Mexico meets the Med: Tijuana’s Blossoming Gourmet Scene This sprawling city nudging the US border is making a name for itself as a hotspot of Baja Med fusion cuisine and craft breweries
8 July, 2016

Why You Might Want to Skip Napa and Visit Mexico’s Wine Country Instead Excellent street food, pristine beaches, a buzzy museum scene—Mexico is known for many things, but wine isn’t necessarily one of them. That’s quickly changing thanks to Valle de Guadalupe, the country’s wine region located in the northern Baja peninsula and just two hours by car from San Diego.