Ensenada “Surfing Cradle of México”

Ensenada, Baja California is known as the “surfing cradle of Mexico”. The best waves happen on its coasts, perfect for practicing extreme sports by surfers all over the world who are looking for the ideal waves. Ensenada has many surfing spots for newbies, as well as professionals.

1. San Miguel


Users: Surfers who use long or short boards, intermediate, experienced and professional levels. Not apt for beginners.
Type of wave: Waves going to the right, “point break”, sometimes tube shaped.
Prime time: From October to May.
Services: Bathrooms, camping areas, grills, trash cans, guard, restaurant-bar and store nearby.
Access: $50 pesos per car / $120 for camping. Open everyday from 7am. to 8pm.
Address: Km. 99 Carretera Tijuana - Ensenada.
Telephone: (646) 174 7948
Website: www.barsanmiguel.com


2. Playa Tres Emes

Users: Surfers who use a short, long or body board, apt for intermediate and experienced levels.
Type of wave: Point break at “A frame”, left is longer than right.
Prime time: Winter, however the summer is when this beach has more consistent waves.
Services: No services. Parking is located on above the ledge.
Accesss: Free
Address: Km. 101, next to port of El Sauzal.


3. Stacks


Users: Surfers who use a short, long and bodyboard, apt for beginners.
Type of wave: “Point Break”, mainly towards the left.
Prime Time: Winter. The rough waters of this season provide the biggest and strongest waves in the city.
Services: Bathrooms, showers, trash cans and guard.
Access: $20 pesos per car / $100 for camping. Open everyday from 7am. To 8pm.
Address: Km. 102, El Sauzal de Rodríguez.

Telephone: (646) 133 2093


4. California, “El Pico”


Users: Bodyboarders and local surfers who use short and long boards. Safe for beginners in high tide.
Type of wave: Point break, “v” shaped waves, little force and rocky sea floor.
Prime time: Winter.
Services: None.
Access: Free. Next to Motel California, must ask for permission to enter the beach through the Motel’s reception area.

5. Playa Hermosa


Users: This beach is ideal for beginners.
Type of wave: Sandy beach that breaks on both sides, depending on the season. Not known for good quality waves.
Services: Bathrooms, showers, trash cans, lifeguards, parking, palapas and store nearby.
Access: Free.
Address: Playa Municipal, at the end of Blvd. Costero.


6. Todos Santos


Users: Experienced surfers only.
Type of wave: Waves crash to the right, facing west of the north island and due to its exposure to the open sea the waves can reach up to 20 meters high during winter’s rough waters.
Services: None.
Access: 18km. To the Port of Ensenada, possible to access it through boat rides only.

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