Ensenada’s waterfront marina, known by locals as “El Malecón Ventana Al Mar” is located near the entrance of the city itself. As you take a right into Costero Boulevard, you’ll find yourself immersed in about half a mile of waterfront boardwalk, recently remodeled and fitted with comfortable new benches, outdoor lighting, event space, and concessions.

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Begin your trip in Mercado Negro (Ensenada’s famous fish market) and finish further down in El Parque de la Bandera, a charming harborside park featuring a playground, color-changing fountain and live music, a place where the whole family can enjoy a path full of entertainment, color, lights, and ocean breezes.

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Have your cameras ready, as there is no shortage in spectacles, including breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Tourists are often pleasantly surprised at the sizeable number of sea lions resting along the coastline. For those of you seeking a more nautical experience, you’ll find plenty of boating opportunities near and along the harbor.



Another popular attraction in this area is the notorious Mexican flag that can be admired from miles away; and you won’t want to miss the interactive fountains cascading in a combination of color, lights and music, making it possible for the whole family to appreciate the fun at dusk.



El Malecón Ventana Al Mar has long-been the venue for major cultural and recreational events for residents each year. The best part is that visitors and locals are able to soak-up this outdoor experience at no cost. Come and explore Ensenada’s waterfront boardwalk. You’re guaranteed to love it!