Cantera Cocina del Valle

Located at the doorway of Ensenada’s wine route, Cantera Cocina del Valle offers dishes with unique regional touches, distinct home flavors and a Eurasian fusion of aromas & colors, all with the particular taste that embodies the spirit of Baja California. You can count on a wide variety of dishes like chilaquiles, hot cakes, salads, breads, seasonal fruits, omelets, seafood, meats and flavorful drinks that will undoubtedly brighten your morning.

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Fuego Cocina del Valle

This fiery restaurant is located in the heart of the wine route. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the breathtaking vineyards and mountains from its terraces. Fuego Cocina del Valle serves breakfast from 8 am to midday, and thereafter features unique plates until dusk. Their rich diversity allows for plates as simple as traditional tacos or as sophisticated as 9-hour slow roasts. Their delicious breakfasts include entrees such as omelets, several styles of chilaquiles, hot cakes and a deliciously marinated roast that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

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Robleza Cocina del Campo

Savor country-style breakfasts crafted with locally grown ingredients, all while enjoying the wonderful landscape Valle de Guadalupe has to offer. Eating here, is without a doubt, its own unique experience. The restaurant is located amidst a sizeable tree that encases the structure, creating a peaceful and natural atmosphere. Some of the dishes you can pallet include, French toast, chilaquiles, pizza, cinnamon roll, machaca, smoked birria for the cold weather, as well as an ample variety of cocktails. If you are looking for a place to eat with a view, look no further than Robleza Cocina del Campo.

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Salvia Blanca Restaurant

Indoor and outdoor dining is available at this restaurant, which makes it a perfect option in uncertain weather. You can eat inside as cold weather looms or enjoy a peaceful view of Valle de Guadalupe from the patio area. This picturesque spot includes menu items like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, memelas cakes, machaca, hot cakes, enchiladas, picaditas (corn masa cakes), seasonal fruit, mixed drinks and desserts. Any dish you order will equally enthrall you.

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Cuarzo Valle de Guadalupe

Cuarzo first opened its doors back in September of 2017 in Valle de Guadalupe. The restaurant provides a one-of-a-kind experience where diners can delight in the best culinary dishes in the world-renowned wine route. The indoor space has large panoramic windows, and the outdoor segment boasts magnificent views of its lush landscape. Chilaquiles, French toast, pizza, burgers and omelets are just a handful of the must-have dishes you ought to try when visiting this restaurant.

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