The coast around Ensenada has a rugged beauty. High rocky cliffs, incredible lookouts, charming beaches, places to discover. If you are coming from Tijuana, the scenic road (federal road 1) offers you beautiful scenery at each turn, with the sea on your right as you approach Ensenada.

Discovering the spectacular coast of Ensenada

Sometimes nature gives us unforgettable experiences. Imagine being at the highest point of a cliff, at the end of Punta Banda, the Bay of Todos los Santos on one side, endless beaches and cliffs on the other, breeze on your face, sun touching you, clear blue skies, deep blue ocean. Between the rocks the agave flowers, kiotes, pot up, moved by wind. A ship sails by leaving a white trail. You get to the edge of the lookout to contemplate the magnificent nature, with panoramic views leaving you breathless. And the best, the sunset over the ocean. The most romantic moment of the day when the light paints the skies in pink and the sun sets beyond the Pacific.


If you like to explore and take road trips, go South from Ensenada towards Punta Banda. As you drive around the point you will find several excellent places to stop. Do it. Walk to the lookout at the edge of the cliff and feel the immensity of the ocean before your eyes. Smells of sea. Listen to the birds. Enjoy the moment.




The Bufadora effect happens when waves crash against the rock wall with great strength. At the precise place where the phenomenon occurs there are semi-submerged marine caves. The water arrives with great force and makes the air inside the caves contract until the point where the pressure is unsustainable and water is blown up to 20 m. upwards.



If you don’t want to drive don’t worry, you may take a tour of La Bufadora and enjoy the breathtaking views all the same. During the summer you may even take a kayak tour of La Bufadora, an incredible experience!