Learn about Baja California Wine Tourism protocols

We know that you already miss going out and being able to visit the different places in the region, so here we share the protocols that will be carried out in the different wineries and restaurants of the renowned Wine Route so that your visit is safe.


Overall objective

Reactivate the wine sector of Baja California with specific health guidelines that contribute to the well-being of employees and visitors, mitigating the risks of the spread of COVID-19.


The protocols referred to herein are based on those indicated by the following documents:

COVID-19 Free Work Environments Manual ”generated by the Baja California State Government Health Secretariat.

"Technical Guidelines for Health Safety in the Work Environment" generated by the Government of Mexico.

"California Winery Tasting Rooms Reopening Protocols" which is based on CDC, OSHA, FDA and CDPH documentation.

I) Education / Certification of the "COVID-19 Free Work Environment" by the Baja California State Government Health Secretariat:

  • Training on handling sanitary filters.
  • Training on preventive measures of COVID-19.
  • Training on awareness in public transport.
  • Training on the correct use of personal protective equipment.
  • Training on nutrition and physical activity.

II) Employee and visitor safety:

  • Installation of a sanitary filter.
  • Creation of files of CNS vaccination employees.
  • Installation of visual reminders about equipment use and healthy social distancing.

III) Sanitation practices:

  • The winery staff must wear mouth covers and gloves (non-latex). You must have antibacterial gel in your station.
  • The customer service stations must be sanitized before and after each tasting including tables, chairs, bars, etc.
  • The glasses should be washed at temperatures above 80 ° C.
  • Training and implementation of logs on the application of the "3 Buckets" cleaning technique should be implemented according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

IV) Operation:

  • A no-entry policy should be established in the event of symptoms of COVID-19.
  • The tasting and / or wine prices should be displayed on blackboards or posters.
  • The furniture must be assembled observing the spacing guidelines for socializing, considering a space of 1.80 meters indoors, 1.50 meters outdoors.
  • The occupational cap will be as indicated by the corresponding authorities.
  • Policies for individual reservations, group members and tolerance time may vary by winery.
  • Group reservations will be for a maximum of 10 people only if they are family members.

V) Communication:

  • A responsible visit will be promoted, informing about the new measures implemented and inviting the planning of the trip by reservation to achieve an optimal experience.

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