25 December, 2017

In Mexicali, Mexican and Chinese food meet in a distinct, delicious way

-mic.com. “It means ‘welcome’ in Chinese,” a man said to me in Spanish, looking up at me from a grey velvet loveseat. He pointed to the wooden sign I was looking at, with large, gold Chinese characters set against a red background.
16 December, 2017

Lonely Planet, Baja California #8 of the 10 Best Value Places to Visit in 2018

Lonely Planet Baja California-lonelyplanet.com Baja California, #8 of the 10 destinations Lonely Planet’s travel experts voted as the best places to travel in 2018

20 May, 2017

The Revolution of Tijuana’s Avenida Revolución

Lonely Planet Baja California-newworlder.com Known to Tijuanenses as “La Revu,” Avenida Revolución is a thoroughfare with one of the most colorful histories in the world.

9 May, 2017

¡Viva Tijuana! Meet the Master Mixologist behind TJ’s Trailblazing Speakeasy

-pacificsandiego.com. Hidden inside the wood-paneled walls of Oryx Capital Gastro Pub lies a not-so-secret speakeasy called Nortico. Photos of Al Capone and other infamous outlaws hang on the walls of venue, where head bartender and Tijuana native, Fernando Villalobos, seems poised to make history.
28 April, 2017

Baja California Is the Ultimate Road Trip

-National Geographic. This coastal drive explores relaxed border cities with world-renowned food and wine, quaint towns, and a wide open road that sweeps past surfers and whales dotting the ocean. Weeks could be spent exploring the region, but here’s how to get started.
26 April, 2017

The Innovative Chinese Food Coming Out of a Mexican Border Town. Munchies

-Munchies. You might say that it's Cantonese cuisine mixed with Southwestern flavors. There's avocado and chorizo in the fried rice. Mango alongside saucy beef strips. Arrachera (skirt steak) lays on a bed of snap peas covered in Chinese-style bean sauce.
30 March, 2017

Here’s something you didn’t know about Tijuana: It’s a great weekend escape for food lovers.

-Los Angeles Times. A foodie road trip to Tijuana? On a recent foray, my husband, Paul, and I ventured beyond the tchotchke shops, discount pharmacies and street-corner “zonkeys,” donkeys painted to look like zebras.
9 January, 2017

Un Delicioso Restaurante en Medio de Campos Vinícolas

-México Desconocdo. En medio de los inmensos campos de uva del Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, yace escondido un restaurante que prepara todo lo irresistible de la vida: papada de cerdo, ostiones kumiai, tiradito de jurel o toda una variedad de cortes de res, y mucho más.
6 January, 2017

Tijuana #8 of the 52 places to go in 2017. New York Times

-New York Times. Though still rough around the edges, this fast-growing border town is on the rise, with a luxury condo boom and a new $60 million bus rapid transit system.