Baja California has extensive ecosystems, as well as a big range of flora and fauna. There are two emblematic places where you can be at one with nature: Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857 (Constitution of 1857 National Park) and Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martir (Sierra of San Pedro Martir National Park).

Both natural protected areas are forested and impressive with amazing landscapes: in them you can enjoy educational and recreational activities, like photo safaris, star gazing, camping, mountain biking, rappel, hiking, among others. You can also camp under the stars there, both parks also offer country style cabins.

They’re considered National Parks because:

  • The Important ecosystems they have.
  • Their beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Diversity and endemisms in their flora and fauna.

Constitución de 1857

At an average height of 1,700 meters above sea level, this park holds an amazing lake called Laguna Hanson, surrounded by Jeffrey and stone pines, as well as the famous manzanita bush. The weather is mild, semi-dry with some rain and snow during the winter. It has 10 camping areas, or if you prefer commodity, you can rent a country cabin; take a stroll along trails where you can explore and admire its natural beauty of the area.

This park is located 85 kilometers southeast of Ensenada, on Federal highway No. 3, following on a dirt road; and from La Rumorosa town you’ll find it at kilometer 54 through a dirt road.

Sierra San Pedro Martir

Within its 155,600 acres, this natural site holds the National Astronomical Observatory, from which you can see spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. On this mountainous mass, you can find El Picacho del Diablo, the highest peak of Baja California’s peninsula

Here you can enjoy many different adventurous activities like hiking on “Picacho del Diablo”. We recommend an experienced tour guide with extensive knowledge of the route, since it takes 2 days and one night to reach the summit. You can also carry out activities like: camping, photo safari on paths and viewpoints of beautiful landscapes, flora observations of: pine, fir, cipres and other conifers, as well as its fauna: birds like the California condor, Golden Eagle, blue birds, carpenter, quail, roadrunner, among others. Mammals like the emblematic bighorn sheep, puma, bura deer, mountain cat and rainbow trout can also be spotted.

The junction that leads to the national park is located at Km. 170 from the Transpeninsular Highway, on the Ensenada-San Quintin road section, in San Telmo. From here it’s 78 kilometers of paved road until you reach the park.

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