Watching the Gray Whale during its migration from the cold waters of Alaska, all the way to the coasts of the Baja California peninsula is without a doubt something you need to live in our state. An experience of a lifetime!

This can be lived during the months of December and April, attracting hundreds of visitors excited to see this miracle of nature: the epic journey of whales searching for the warm waters of Baja California for the births of their young. These huge mammals reach up to 15 meters in longitude and to the surprise of many, they’re used to human contact but you must follow official rules around this activity.

Ensenada is one of the best whale-watching spots. From the boat you can admire the beautiful scene of these whales in all their splendor and playing with their babies in the open sea. Don’t forget your camera!

The trip lasts approx. 4 hours and the cost varies according to the number of people or type of boat. There’s plenty of authorized boats. Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

Places where you can experience this:

1. Ensenada

2. Guerrero Negro

We offer the following recommendations so you can enjoy your trip:

*Verify that the boat has a whale watching permit given by SEMARNAT. Getting aboard without the corresponding permit is your responsibility.
*Arriving 30 minutes before departure is recommended.
*Avoid sea sickness. Take a dizziness pill one hour before getting on the boat, even if you never get sick, it’s better to prevent and enjoy your trip.
*Have a normal breakfast, don’t just drink a cup of coffee: generally the trips last 4 hours, which is why we recommend taking snacks along. Apples and citrus fruits are a good option. For your safety, avoid packaging glass containers.
*Come well covered. During the winter season the wind is strong even on sunny days. Take comfortable shoes and don’t use high heels.
*Clouds don’t determine the conditions of the ocean. If it’s cloudy but doesn’t rain and the ocean seems spiky, the trip will be canceled; overall, safety and the comfort of passengers is the most important thing.
*Don't forget your camera. Very few times there’s something so marvelous like this to capture in photographs. If you have binoculars, even better!