Breakfast At Doña Esthela's Kitchen

When visiting Valle de Guadalupe you cannot start a tour of the vineyards without first trying a rich breakfast at this eatery. One of its signature dishes, the Machaca Eggs, won the award for Best Breakfast worldwide in 2015. Enchiladas, gorditas, omelets, empanadas, birria and a delicious fire-roasted lamb, are just some of the dishes served here; a restaurant you are guaranteed to love.

Lobster At La Cocedora De Langosta

Located near the famed Mercado Negro, this is one place that has delighted our appetites for over a decade with their exquisite dishes based on fresh products from the region. Great recipes have come out of this place. One of the most popular dishes is their lobster, a delicacy to enjoy in Baja California. And what better way to do it than in Ensenada. It is undoubtedly an explosion of flavors for your palate. Other dishes that you’ll find are: Risottos, seafood molcajetes, and (among others) a variety of different versions of ceviche.

A Glass Of Wine In Valle De Guadalupe

Baja California produces the largest amount of Mexican wine in the entire country. Currently, on the Wine Route, you’ll find upwards of 150 wineries, where you can sample a wide variety of wines. Some offer guided cave tours underground through the cellars where you’ll learn about the history of each vineyard while others provide a guided cart-tour throughout their vineyards. You can also enjoy a drink with a beautiful view of the different areas, making it an experience you can’t afford to miss.

Seafood Tostadas At One Of The Famous Seafood Stands

Ensenada has been characterized by its delicious cuisine, which specializes in fresh seafood. Along the coastal region you’ll find its famous seafood stands that delight both locals and tourists who come by to try delicious dishes and exquisite entrées. One of the selections that has become more popular over the years is the seafood tostada. Each stand features its own unique spin on the dish, resulting in something truly distinctive and delicious no matter which stand you happen to come across. They’re certain to snag you with their flavors.

Asada Tacos

Undoubtedly, wherever you go in Baja you can be sure to find a spot to enjoy a good taco and Ensenada is no exception.  There are so many varieties of tacos including fish, tripe, cabeza and adobada. Yet the all time favorite among both residents and tourists alike is still the asada taco. The taquito that locals prepared with beef, salsa, guacamole, cilantro and onion is, without a doubt, something that you won't be able to deny. We’re certain that it’ll be impossible for you to order just one.

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