Ruta Del Vino


Hospedarse en la Ruta del Vino es una experiencia que combina la tranquilidad y la armonía, rodeado de viñedos y hermosos paisajes naturales que al despertar te hacen sentir estar en un mágico y agradable lugar en medio del Valle de Guadalupe. Cada lugar tiene algo que lo hace único y especial.
29 September, 2021
Cosas que debes probar en tus siguientes vacaciones en Ensenada

What To Try On Your Next Trip To Ensenada

Ensenada is a destination that is characterized by its delicious cuisine due to the combination of aromas, colors and flavors; the result of which are exquisite creations that we highly recommend on your next vacation to this breathtaking Pacific getaway.
3 June, 2021
Ensenada, el escape perfecto para esos días de calor

Ensenada, The Perfect Getaway For Hot Days

Summer has arrived, and with it, warmth, sun, sand and beach days! And there’s no better way to enjoy this season than beside the sea, so we’ve included some unique retreats that are certain to fascinate you once you catch a glimpse of them.
3 June, 2021

Coasteering, An Adventure On Land And Sea

If you’re seeking new adventures, challenges and adrenaline-filled experiences that will stimulate all of your senses, look no further than coasteering in Ensenada.
11 May, 2021

Spring Is Best Spent In Ensenada

Scenic landscapes, colonial boulevards, vineyards, Mediterranean climates, sea geysers, whale sightings, flora and fauna, but above all, adventure. Ensenada is an ideal destination to experience with your family this spring.
26 March, 2021
Destello Restaurante

Five Breakfast Locales in Ensenada’s Wine Route

Distinguished by its large vineyards, Valle de Guadalupe is a region that presents a wide variety of delicious wines, boutique hotels and mouthwatering cuisine. Here are our five breakfast picks to try on your next visit to Baja.
6 January, 2021

Media Perra Brewery, a Must-Visit Spot in Ensenada

If you are a craft beer lover and a desert landscape enthusiast, then Media Perra Brewery is the right place for you.
16 December, 2020
Ensenada Lugares que no te puedes perder

Feel the Briny Ocean Breeze With This 360° View of Ensenada’s Waterfront Boardwalk

Quarantine will soon be over, giving way for you to visit the most incredible destinations Baja California has to offer. Harbors like the stunning waterfront boardwalk in Ensenada, which has been a long-standing favorite to both locals and tourists alike.
8 October, 2020

Wallpapers for your computer and virtual meetings in Zoom

While communities across the globe practice social distancing and are making personal connections via video, you are never far from our hearts here in Ensenada.
5 October, 2020

Baja California Awarded “Safe Travels” Stamp from World Travel and Tourism Council for Outstanding Health and Hygiene Protocols 

The State of Baja California today announced it has been awarded the Safe Travels Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) in recognition of the health and hygiene protocols put in place by the state. This milestone marks one of the many ways Baja California is diligently working to begin safely welcoming visitors back to the region.  
3 September, 2020

Contemplacion Hotel

20 August, 2020
lineamientos para el enoturismo

New guidelines for wine tourism in Baja California

Facing the health contingency, the Baja California Provino Committee creates wine tourism protocols and begins the certification of "COVID-19-free work environments."
20 August, 2020

Learn about Baja California Wine Tourism protocols

We know that you already miss going out and being able to visit the different places in the region, so here we share the protocols that will be carried out in the different wineries and restaurants of the renowned Wine Route so that your visit is safe.
20 August, 2020

Hiking Promoters can operate under approved protocols

The Ensenada Government calls on the community to take preventive measures when hiking, to avoid any inconvenience that endangers its integrity.
13 July, 2020

Santa Magdala Hotel Boutique

30 March, 2020
De Ensenada a La Bufadora

From Ensenada to La Bufadora: scenery, cliffs and geysers

The scenic road along the coast of Baja California offers incredible panoramic views over cliffs, coves and beaches. 37 km South of Ensenada you arrive at La Bufadora, the only marine geyser in America and a landmark of Ensenada.