For Your Beautiful Story, a Stunning Destination: Ensenada

These days, couples who are engaged to wed often want to find a magical place to celebrate their union and begin the rest of their story together. A destination wedding is an incredible opportunity to make the dream come true, making this big day a unique and unforgettable occasion.

Ensenada is an authentic, charming, and above all, romantic setting: the ideal destination to share this important and unforgettable moment for a couple, especially when accompanied by family members and friends in a setting as warm and marvelous as this port.

Ensenada is This, and Much More…

Reasons to “tie the knot” in Ensenada


Reasons to “tie the knot” in Ensenada

Wedding Style

Wedding Style

Unforgettable experiences are on offer, but without a doubt the most special of all is the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in one of the unbeatable settings, which serve as a base for any concept or style you desire for your celebration. Whether classic and elegant, modern, rustic, bohemian, or even vintage: what you imagine for your big day can become a reality in this beautiful destination.

Classic and Elegant

A wedding in this style can be held in the city and taken to a more countryside setting. The focus is on the flowers and decoration, which follow a formal line. These weddings usually take place in the evening. Don’t forget to incorporate personalized details to make it even more special.


The decorations and ambience are charmingly retro. The antique is in fashion! Imagine faded pink hues and lace details which will take you back in time to marvelous periods.


An outdoor wedding giving you the opportunity to experience what the countryside has to offer. Simple design with a romantic touch, ever present wooden details and the use of natural elements that characterize this style.

Seaside Style

Using elements such as shells, local flowers, sand, and other natural seaside elements, a unique event is achieved with a pretty marine concept; especially for weddings with stunning views of the ocean.
Views and magnificent landscapes

Live Unique Experiences

A destination wedding is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy time with your family and friends, take a break from your routine, and enjoy fun and relaxing days. Imagine sharing a wine-tasting session with your guests in the winegrowing valleys, taking part in the artisanal wine and beer festivities, horse-riding along beaches and vineyards, touring the city, and visiting the museums and the historical centers.

For those of you looking for excitement and wishing to be more in touch with nature, Ensenada also offers a multitude of experiences.

If you love watersports, you can go paddleboarding on the beaches, take a kayak to admire the good views of La Bufadora, go surfing, or even go scuba diving to be amazed by underwater wonders. If you’re a boat person, go on a fishing trip or, when in season, view the gigantic grey whale heading for the Baja California peninsular.

As well as the ocean activities, Ensenada offers a wide variety of options for adventure lovers: impressive canyons and valleys are excellent for rappel and hiking; unimaginable spots for camping and admiring the stars, such as Laguna de Hanson and the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir.

For those who love extreme sports, Ensenada is up to date; you can get your adrenaline kick on motorbike tours, in the city or on off-road routes; live the adventure of a mountain biking tour; spend a day on the zip-lines with the family, or dare to parachute or skydive. Contact the tour operator to help you with an itinerary of activities so that you can proceed worry-free.

Ensenada is, without a doubt, the place to go for romance and adventure.
Wonderful Settings and Landscapes

Wonderful Settings and Landscapes

Ensenada is rich in nature, filling different spectacular scenes with life and doting your celebration with an original touch.

The Ruta del Vino (Wine Route) and the Antigua Ruta del Vino (Ancient Wine Route), which are made up of the winery valleys in northern and southern Ensenada, give you the option of celebrating your big day in one of the vineyards and warehouses where, as well as offering sublime settings that change according to the season, provide a varied selection of installations for a nuptials celebration as big or as small as you want.

Ensenada also offers its visitors picturesque, beautiful sunsets, especially in the season of autumn. Imagine saying ‘yes’ with a view of the Pacific Ocean, in the gardens or on one of its relaxing beaches. If you are looking for a ‘Rustic Chic’ celebration, there are ranches, patios, and beautiful terraces built in this fashionable style; if you’re more into an exclusive, private ceremony there are vineyards, hotels, and resorts with halls and gardens to meet your ideals.
The Ideal Wine

The Ideal Wine


We know how important it is to you for your guests to have an unforgettable experience at your event. This is why we have a specialized team and adapted catering services. The presence of wines and beers is indispensable in a celebration like this, in Ensenada they have that clear.

You will definitely be able to find a perfect selection of wines, artisanal beers with unique flavors, and personalized cocktail mixing in line with the setting and style of your wedding. A mix of exquisite flavors that will conquer your guests’ palates. Without a doubt, a unique and lasting sensory experience.

The Ideal Wine

For a one-off celebration, specialists within the wine houses can help you to select the ideal wine, contemplating the taste, quality, and the wine’s global reputation, all while taking into account varietals and prices.

When talking about Ensenada, you are talking about wine: producer of around 90 percent of Mexican wines, its valleys are dotted with both huge wine houses and small producers of artisanal wine.

And if you would like to do something more special, consider that with the best winegrowing offer in the country, you will be certain to find the label that symbolizes your event–you can even personalize it! There are wine houses where you can create your own wine, select your mix and, with the support of a wine expert, create the label for your wedding. Could you get more exclusive?

More than 80 wine houses, cellars, and warehouses
90 % of Mexican wine production 450 labels with over 600 awards
Craft Beer

Artisanal Beer

Trends all point towards artisanal beer and its presence is indispensable at an event of this magnitude. Spoil your guests with an original bar of fun and spontaneous artisanal beer.

Ensenada is home to an ample variety of small, independent, and traditional artisanal breweries whose production stands out due to its new flavors; something different from the commercial offering.

How about a bottle of beer with the image of your wedding that reflects the personalities of you and your partner? Thanks to the flexibility and size of the beer houses in Ensenada, you can be certain of a special service. What’s more, the wide variety of beer styles and the advice of master brewers allow you to pick the ideal flavors for this important moment.


Food is probably one of the most important details that define the success of a wedding; the guests remember the festivities according to the ingredients and flavors on the nuptial menu. To make your wedding marvelous, spectacular, and unforgettable, Ensenada will proudly show off and provide its wide variety of styles and dishes, meticulously tended to by renowned chefs. If everyone remembers your menu, your wedding will be unforgettable.

Ensenada was declared a ‘Creative City’, gastronomically speaking, by UNESCO in 2015, taking into account its street food and gourmet dishes; it was the first city in Mexico to be recognized as such. With such recognition, and thanks to the high quality of the local products and the diversity of cultural influences, it ensures its visitors a complete gastronomy experience.

Dishes vary with produce from the sea and the land: seafood in delicious cocktails, the famous fish taco, ceviche tostadas, excellent cuts of meat, amongst other emblematic dishes that not only incorporate a huge selection of ingredients, but also a mix of cultures. A unique combination of flavors!

An Unbeatable Gastronomic Experience.
The Weather

Enjoy the Climate

Ensenada has a Mediterranean-style climate, described by experts at ‘hot days, cold nights’, with an average temperature of 69.8°F, making the months from April to October perfect for open air celebrations; this is when the flowers are in bloom and the colors mark the beginning of a season full of life.

Get There Easily

Two of the big advantages of Ensenada as a tourist destination are the tranquility and safety it offers to all visitors, and its practicality in travel terms, since you can fly from the city of Tijuana or drive along the scenic highway with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.
Free Yourself from Stress

Free Yourself from Stress

Enjoy the offer of all-inclusive packages, with everything you need for a perfect celebration. There is the support of wedding organizers who, with their experience and knowledge about local requirements, facilitate a stress-free and simple time organizing the wedding, the prior event and the moments that follow. The excellent range of service providers such as photography, video, banquets, dessert, decoration, and florists, amongst others, guarantee a complete evolution of the event. Trust in the professionals in the field and enjoy the organization process to the full.


Recommendations to make your day even more special in Ensenada

  • Add a local detail; you could select gastronomical, decorative, or traditional elements to give your big day a very original twist.
  • Consider the seasons as you decide the date of your wedding, as each one has its own elemental and scenic offerings for the celebration.
  • Support a local wedding organizer who will have the first-hand knowledge of the best locations and service providers to ensure your event is developed according to your tastes and within your budget.
  • Offer your guests the best, get packed, and celebrate your spectacular wedding in Ensenada with your loved ones; a great destination with quality tourist services that will allow you to turn your dream into a reality, surrounded by marvelous landscapes.

Await the extraordinary!