Ensenada, B.C.-Tuesday July 28, 2020.- The Ensenada Government calls on the community to take preventive measures when hiking, to avoid any inconvenience that endangers its integrity.

Laura Marmolejo Toscano, director of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation, stressed the importance of carrying out this activity under the guidance of an instructor with certifications and experience in the field.

She added that those who carry out this activity must notify the authorities so that they have knowledge about the area in which they will be working on, so that, in the event of any mishap or incident, they can act immediately to provide support.

The municipal official ordered people who receive income from hiking, to come and present their protocols -for the health emergency due to COVID-19- before the Municipal Economic Development Directorate.

She pointed out that once the protocols are presented, they would be sent to the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, who reviews them and issues the authorization to carry out the activity.

He stated that the agency under his charge began with a walk along the path, which will take place every Sunday, so those who are interested in participating can request more information on the official website of Inmudere: www.facebook.com/INMUDERE.


Before departure

  • Know the exact route to take, including the approximate duration of the activity and make it known to family or friends, as well as leaving a telephone number or another form of contact.
  • Check the weather situation and prepare for those conditions.
  • Have a map of the area and a compass or GPS (check batteries).
  • Find out the weather forecast for the area and dress appropriately for it.
  • Bring a rechargeable battery for mobile devices and GPS.
  • Never go alone, it is best to be accompanied by experienced people in the activity and the route.
  • Avoid accidents by not entering difficult terrain or with the risk of getting lost.
  • Calculate the time it will take to complete the route and avoid getting dark.
  • Many trails are made in natural parks so you have to find out and respect the rules established by the park itself or by forest agents.
  • Get advice on the prevention of stiffness and other ailments typical of a walker, such as dehydration or how to avoid an infection in the feet, or groin and how to alleviate its effects.

During the journey

  • The most important thing is to apply common sense.
  • Do not separate from the group to avoid getting lost.
  • If you reach a section that you consider dangerous or that is out of your reach, it is preferable to return.
  • Pay attention to the signs and characteristics of the terrain to take them as reference points in case you get lost.
  • In case you get lost, first keep calm, then check the position on the map and compass.
  • Maintain a relaxed and constant pace, do not exceed 4 km / h.
  • Rest 5 minutes every hour or when needed.
  • Do not make unnecessary noise and do not disturb the tranquility of the places to visit.
  • Drink water frequently but in small amounts. Ration the liquid to last the whole day, keeping at least a small reserve until you return.