Whale watching in Ensenada

Between December and April one of the most spectacular natural shows takes place: the annual gray whale migration. Come and meet the whales as they swim by the Bay of Todos los Santos in Ensenada.

The gray whale migration

The first months of the year gray whales and humpback whales come close to shore on their annual migration from the cold Alaska waters to the warm lagoons at the center of the Baja California peninsula, where they will mate and give birth to their young. You can’t miss this opportunity!

Come up on the boat to watch the whales up close at the Bay of Todos los Santos. The most common whale is the gray whale, a colossus weighting up to 30 tons that used to be on the verge of extinction. Boats cannot come close to the whales…it´s them, following their curious nature, who will probably peek to watch boats more closely…and more closely. At that time you will live a marvelous moment as the whale approaches the boat. You will be aware of the size, and notice it is a majestic creature, a lot larger than your boat, who is curious about you and wants to know who you are and what you are doing. It´s the whale who decides how and when. It’s the whale who concedes you a few minutes. You will be filled with emotion looking at your children, eyes wide open, so close to the whale…

Nature in Ensenada Share

At the Isla de Todos los Santos a surprise awaits you: a colony of sea lions de lobos mthat colonized the rugged beaches a few years back. These are the same lions you can fin on a rock sunbathing at the malecon in Ensenada. An extraordinary opportunity to watch them up close. Like whales, they mate during this period, bulls fight over the females, and older females take care of their young. If you notice the cliffs are covered in seabirds arriving to the coast to nest and breed. This is nature at its most glorious state.

If you come out of whale season you can still take a relaxing boat ride on the Bay. Dolphins will swim along with you and you will still have many opportunities to watch seabirds.
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